Caution Hot! 警告辣 Spicy Noodle House - Kapitolyo Review

For the longest time, my husband kept on asking that we eat out at Caution Hot. Luckily, one of its branches is near our place. So after we dropped off our kid to school, we went to eat there.

It's about lunch time when we got there, and unlike its branch in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, there were no lines or waiting time, and you can easily get in, order your food and eat. :)

The place is small and only has a few tables but it features a simple contemporary look that gives you a laid-back vibe. Inside, you'll see a side of the wall with a big graffiti where "CHOOSE YOUR BURN" is written up, along with their social media accounts and some of their food in their menu.

A little bit to its right, you'll find a small opening where the orders are submitted and the food is placed before it's served to you.

Their menu is very simple and consists of noodles, sides, coolers and desserts.

For their noodles, you have the choice of what toppings (All-Veggie, Pork, Beef or Seafood), broth (Szechuan, Asam Laksa, or Classic), type of  noodles (Wheat or Egg noodles) you would want. And lastly, you can choose the burn level (1st degree burn, 2nd degree burn, 3rd degree burn, or Ultimate burn) which depends on how spicy you want your noodles to be.

They have three sides available which are the Kuchay-Pork Dumplings (minced Chinese chives and pork), Pork Dumplings (minced pork with shreds of cabbage), and rice. For the dumplings, they also have sauces to choose from. Either Sweet burn sauce or the Black vinegar with chili sauce.

And if you find your orders too spicy, you can douse it with their coolers: Soya, Iced Tea, Oolong Milktea, Tsingtao Beer. You'll be glad to know that they offer their Soya and Iced Tea in unlimited servings!

To top your meal off, they also offer Bao Bing (shaved ice dessert with fruits, jelly, ice cream and sweetened milk) for dessert.

For our meal, here's what we've ordered.

Kuchay-Pork Dumplings (w/ Black Vinegar & Chili Sauce) | 5 pieces (P65.00)

We opted for the Kuchay-Pork dumplings over the regular pork dumplings as we've never tried it before. It tastes average but completely goes well with the Black Vinegar and Chili sauce. 

1st Degree Burn Classic Beef Egg Noodles | (P205.00)

For our noodle bowls, we ordered the same thing (broth: Classic, toppings: Beef, noodles: Egg, burn level: 1st Degree), the only difference is that my husband got the one with friend egg. We only chose the 1st degree burn as our level of spiciness as we're afraid that we might not be able to fully taste the noodle soup, and to finish it. 

It was a good decision as that level only gives you the right amount of kick of spiciness and doesn't overpower the overall taste of the food. 

Oolong Milk Tea | (P75.00)

Since I love milk tea, I ordered a serving of their Oolong Milk Tea. Unlike the other shops who mainly sells milk tea, their Oolong Milk Tea is a bit more strong/bitter in taste, but still, it's a great thirst quencher to pair up with the noodle bowls that we ordered.

Overall, if you're craving for a noodle soup dish with a kick, I'd recommend you to visit Caution Hot and try out their noodle dishes. Aside from the quality in taste and their serving size, their food menu are reasonably priced.

17 East Capitol Drive, Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City
(In between Humpty Dumpty School and Spin & Go, and across Charlie's Grind and Grill)

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