Nowadays, with people spending most of their time online, some have become dependent on electronic devices, especially smartphones, to keep them connected with friends and loved ones, and to conveniently pursue and enjoy their lifestyles.

And with different activities—messaging on various platforms, posting on social media, surfing the internet, buying from online stores, listening to music, watching movies and videos, and playing online games—keeping people busy on their smartphones wherever they may be, it would truly be disappointing to get a low battery warning, or the handset going “dead”.

Thankfully, the latest V19 Neo is powered by a 4500mAh lithium-polymer (Li-Po) battery, one of the largest capacities in its price range, to keep vivo’s flagship midrange smartphone running in optimum performance, longer.

With its long-lasting Li-Po power source, the V19 Neo can accommodate Google, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and other heavily used applications that can typically drain a standard battery.

The 4500mAh battery can also smoothly run the V19 Neo’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE octa-core processor with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, making for fast app launches, better navigation and multi-tasking; and enabling users to play their favorite graphics-heavy mobile games for hours.

The handset is also equipped with AI Turbo, Center Turbo, Game Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo, and ART++ Turbo. These multi-turbo functions offer an elevated and exciting gaming experience especially when playing PUBG Mobile, NBA 2K, Mobile Legends, Fortnite, or other favorite RPGs, shooters, SIMS, puzzle, strategy, racing, sports, and augmented reality games that will keep gamers up all night.

With a battery that powers up hours of game time, the V19 Neo also features an Ultra Game Mode which makes for totally undisturbed playing, blocking messages and alerts, so one can be fully immersed and engaged with the game. 

And when the battery is about to be depleted, users can rely on the V19 Neo’s 18W dual-engine fast charging technology to juice up the 4500mAh power source in a flash, so they can quickly get back to winning their game.

Aside from its high-capacity battery and fast-charging technology, quadcore processor, and game modes, vivo’s flagship midrange smartphone also boasts of an Ultra O AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which makes the gaming experience even more thrilling.

The 6.44-inch FHD+ screen brings out the games’ vibrant and authentic colors without causing unnecessary eyestrain. Its low brightness anti-flicker technology also provides added protection for the eyes, especially when playing in low-light and dark conditions.

The V19 Neo is available in Crystal White and Admiral Blue colorways, for only P17,999 at authorized Vivo stores nationwide. To know more about the vivo V19 Neo, visit or

In response to CoVid-19, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. (“Sun Life”) officially launched its latest online campaign: “Rise Together to a Bright New World”. This is to enable Filipinos to begin their journey in financial recovery amidst the pandemic.

It includes initiatives ranging from online financial literacy sessions to digital tools, all of which aim to empower Filipinos to get back on track in their financial goals, as well as their health and wellness aspirations.

“Rise Together to a Bright New World” is rooted on an online survey conducted by Sun Life among its clients from May 11 to 29, 2020 to know how the pandemic has affected them, and so the company could respond to their needs appropriately. Results showed that their top concerns were the physical health of their family (71%), the health of the economy (71%), their children's education (69%), providing support for an elderly member of the family (61%), and the ability to save for the future (63%).

When asked about what negative impact the pandemic has had on their lives, the respondents shared that it affected their financial situation (48%), ability to socialize with friends (44%), and getting enough physical ability (31%).

While 63% of the respondents expressed concern about the current situation, 68% remained hopeful about the future.

In a different survey, 62% are putting in place recovery plans with 68% saying that they will start saving more and building their emergency fund, 57% looking for more financial advice and 53% investing in family’s health.

“We would like to help Filipinos channel their energies towards actions that would help them prepare for the future. While there is still much uncertainty as our country continues to deal with the pandemic, there are steps that they can take now to make sure they and their loved ones can look forward to brighter days,” Sun Life Chief Marketing and Client Officer Mylene Lopa said. “Through this campaign, we want to show Filipinos how they can emerge from this pandemic stronger, healthier, and financially resilient, so they may look forward to a brighter tomorrow.”

Empowerment through financial literacy

As a pioneer of financial literacy multimedia campaigns, Sun Life has launched Sun Talks, a series of online financial literacy sessions held in webinar format and as Facebook live streams.

The webinar series featured Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan, Life and Personal Finance Guru Randell Tiongson, Sun Life Chief Business Development Strategy Officer Michael Manuel, and Sun Life Distribution Support and Strategy Head Jenny del Mundo, who shared how Filipinos can pursue their financial goals and what financial instruments such as insurance and investments they can utilize. Meanwhile, health and wellness took center stage in the webinars with Dr. Anne Louise Gabriel-Chan of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, Dr. Candy Drilon-Dalman of Centro Holistico, Life and Corporate Coach Kimi Lu, and Sun Life Health and Accident Head Lirio Ang-Torres.

Meanwhile, Sun Life Brand Ambassadors Piolo Pascual, Matteo Guidicelli, Enchong Dee, and Inigo Pascual were featured in Facebook Live events, where they shared about learnings amid the pandemic as they faced issues specific to their respective life stages. Experts from Sun Life were likewise on hand in each session to give practical tips on how viewers can stay on track in their financial journey. These talks, along with other relevant content and tools, are available in a hub called STORES or Sun Talks Online Resource at

The learning continues in the Sun Talks Virtual Conference that happened on June 27, 2020. The whole day virtual gathering tackled money matters and health and wellness, and had sessions specifically for business owners and overseas Filipinos. It features a prominent lineup of speakers, including Business Speaker and Consultant Francis Kong, Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan, Strength and Conditioning Specialist Chappy Callanta, Personal Development & Wellbeing Coach Avril Rodriguez, Nurture Wellness Village Founder Cathy Turvill, Department of Trade and Industry Director Jerry Clavesillas, Stephane Sanchez of CX Advisory, Professor Eric Soriano, entrepreneur RJ Ledesma, Economics professor Dr. Alvin Ang, overseas Filipino and financial literacy advocate Pablo Santos. Sun Life’s very own will likewise share their expertise, including Sun Life President Alex Narciso, Chief Marketing and Client Officer Mylene Lopa, Head of Distribution Support and Strategy Jenny del Mundo, and Head of Business Support Cary Casipit.

Enhancing digital capacity

To further enable Filipinos to take concrete steps towards recovery while staying safe in their own homes, Sun Life has likewise been boosting its digital capacity.

Sun Life recently launched a digitally-enabled sales process that will allow Filipinos to stay financially protected from the safety of their own home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this process, clients can connect virtually to get professional financial advice from Sun Life advisors to learn about the insurance products that fit their needs and avail of these solutions. For those who have no Sun Life advisor yet, they can simply go to to connect with one and receive a free consultation.

Meanwhile, the company’s website,, houses tools such as the Life Insurance Calculator, Investment Calculator, and e-Quote, which can help users check their progress in their financial journey.

Sun Life has also expanded its suite of digital insurance products for registered Lazada members. To know more about the products, registered Lazada members simply need to visit As for those who wish to invest in mutual funds, they may go to to open an account and start investing in the Sun Life Prosperity Funds.

Onward to a Brighter Future

“Rise Together to a Bright New World” was inspired by the courage of Filipinos to rise above challenges. Sun Life, which is marking its 125th anniversary in the Philippines this year, has been with Filipinos through triumphs and struggles through the years. The company remains confident that they will pull through as they always have, and that better days are in the horizon.

This message is encapsulated in a digital video entitled “Rise Together”, which will soon be released on Sun Life’s Facebook page, 

“This campaign is an opportunity for us to reiterate our commitment to Filipinos and partner with them in the journey to recovery,” Lopa said. “No matter the difficulties, as long as we work hand in hand, we can surely rise together to a bright new world.”

Moreover, Sun Life also introduced its latest insurance programs customized for the OFWs (Shine Pinoy Overseas Home for Good Program) and Business Owners (Sun Life Business Owner Program).  

  • Shine Pinoy Overseas Home for Good Program aims to help OFWs to learn more on financial literacy and how to effectively save so that they may come home for good. 
  • Sun Life Business Owner Program empowers business owners to strategies an effective financial plan to future-proof their business as well as their personal life goals.
For more information about Sun Life’s latest offerings please visit

Naturally grown and ripened under the Australian sunshine with a sweet burst of flavour and juicy pulp, the new season of fresh Australian Table Grapes are now available for Filipinos to enjoy today.

From April, the 2020 season varieties will be available at different stores and partners like Rustans Supermarket, Shopwise, Marketplace by Rustans, RobinsonsSupermarket, S&R, SM, and even thru e-Commerce partners like Baytownsproduce, Crate2plate and Dizon Farms, which includes Tam’s Gold and Crimson Seedless as well as Sweet Sapphire (a long finger shaped black grape), Autumn Crisp (a very sweet and crispy grape) and Cotton Candy (a sweet, aromatic green grape). These varieties are known for their extra sweet taste making them a delicious snack the whole family can enjoy.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian Table Grape farmers and food safety inspectors reassured all fruit is grown using the highest food safety standards and most advanced growing techniques, ensuring all produce leaving the farm is of the highest quality and safe for consumption.

Each variety of grape is extremely versatile in its taste – they can be deliciously enjoyed on their own and best enjoyed whole - as well as able to be added to a range of dishes. Considered nature’s candy, Australian Table Grapes are a versatile snack or sweet and crisp addition to any recipe, making them the ideal fresh fruit for all.

Furthermore, the nutritional value that Table Grapes hold make them fantastic for maintaining a healthy diet for people of all ages.

Red Globe table grapes have a low Glycemic Index (GI) value and 5g of gut-healthy fibre in every serving. Meanwhile, the Thompson Seedless variety is packed with vitamin C which is perfect for giving your immune system a boost.

The horticulture industry in Australia prides itself on the idyllic growing conditions Australia is famous for - warm, dry summers, and deep, rich soils provide the perfect environment for Australian growers to produce world class table grapes.

Every grape grown by Australian Table Grape farmers is from an established second or third generation family-owned farm located in pristine rural Australia. The techniques, knowledge and passion for growing and carefully selecting the grapes has been perfected over many years and passed down through the generations of families. Using this expertise, these farmers are proud to work hard producing more than 240,000 tons of the best quality fruit from their farms and exporting 60% of their top quality produce around the world.

As Australia is the closest southern hemisphere supplier to the Philippines, Australian Table Grapes found in store are guaranteed to be the freshest in the market. The whitish bloom on the skin of each grape is another key indicator of freshness, proving they’re delivered directly from the farm to your table.[0]=68.ARByMo4_ulkOvlAOelsy0iUAut8Z6SnEcPcYxLD2jLsFpUUvMtqGnxmXKI903bHxyUrx5D4dLlZechDVwgyyU4mcLrMiq3ODJhzeXnuVop9tEekPfDFDV2nuo5eklLceHImh2GM1dFCL_4OidRXt3XOwHms9_-4fcMoKx_WDwH8UMaCMAO9aqCwMDShE2olHV7ulqRGJ3LH9R2XvuTeBcbYlroOTksmofiwpsicZdCsQwcZ55hezHgr60bjrS1Ip0YWAT-MaA6VmrEp3Om9oZ7ju3v8k36FsjFOsnV6Pc5DntE3iVKSZ_ilfigGb69K89EaQNUt6tzoLOfbgUFLX&__tn__=H-R

For the longest time, my husband kept on asking that we eat out at Caution Hot. Luckily, one of its branches is near our place. So after we dropped off our kid to school, we went to eat there.

It's about lunch time when we got there, and unlike its branch in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, there were no lines or waiting time, and you can easily get in, order your food and eat. :)

The place is small and only has a few tables but it features a simple contemporary look that gives you a laid-back vibe. Inside, you'll see a side of the wall with a big graffiti where "CHOOSE YOUR BURN" is written up, along with their social media accounts and some of their food in their menu.

A little bit to its right, you'll find a small opening where the orders are submitted and the food is placed before it's served to you.

Their menu is very simple and consists of noodles, sides, coolers and desserts.

For their noodles, you have the choice of what toppings (All-Veggie, Pork, Beef or Seafood), broth (Szechuan, Asam Laksa, or Classic), type of  noodles (Wheat or Egg noodles) you would want. And lastly, you can choose the burn level (1st degree burn, 2nd degree burn, 3rd degree burn, or Ultimate burn) which depends on how spicy you want your noodles to be.

They have three sides available which are the Kuchay-Pork Dumplings (minced Chinese chives and pork), Pork Dumplings (minced pork with shreds of cabbage), and rice. For the dumplings, they also have sauces to choose from. Either Sweet burn sauce or the Black vinegar with chili sauce.

And if you find your orders too spicy, you can douse it with their coolers: Soya, Iced Tea, Oolong Milktea, Tsingtao Beer. You'll be glad to know that they offer their Soya and Iced Tea in unlimited servings!

To top your meal off, they also offer Bao Bing (shaved ice dessert with fruits, jelly, ice cream and sweetened milk) for dessert.

For our meal, here's what we've ordered.

Kuchay-Pork Dumplings (w/ Black Vinegar & Chili Sauce) | 5 pieces (P65.00)

We opted for the Kuchay-Pork dumplings over the regular pork dumplings as we've never tried it before. It tastes average but completely goes well with the Black Vinegar and Chili sauce. 

1st Degree Burn Classic Beef Egg Noodles | (P205.00)

For our noodle bowls, we ordered the same thing (broth: Classic, toppings: Beef, noodles: Egg, burn level: 1st Degree), the only difference is that my husband got the one with friend egg. We only chose the 1st degree burn as our level of spiciness as we're afraid that we might not be able to fully taste the noodle soup, and to finish it. 

It was a good decision as that level only gives you the right amount of kick of spiciness and doesn't overpower the overall taste of the food. 

Oolong Milk Tea | (P75.00)

Since I love milk tea, I ordered a serving of their Oolong Milk Tea. Unlike the other shops who mainly sells milk tea, their Oolong Milk Tea is a bit more strong/bitter in taste, but still, it's a great thirst quencher to pair up with the noodle bowls that we ordered.

Overall, if you're craving for a noodle soup dish with a kick, I'd recommend you to visit Caution Hot and try out their noodle dishes. Aside from the quality in taste and their serving size, their food menu are reasonably priced.

17 East Capitol Drive, Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City
(In between Humpty Dumpty School and Spin & Go, and across Charlie's Grind and Grill)

Caution Hot! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Para po doon sa mga kailangang kailangang umalis ng bahay, please remember: 

Dumistansya po ng 1 metro mula sa tao sa harap, likod at tabi ninyo para po maiwasang mahawa sa virus.

Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa or sa facebook page ng DOH.

#BeatCovid19 #COVID19PH

Meron po sana akong kahilingan sa inyo.

Manatili po tayo sa bahay.

Lahat tayo ay gusto ng matapos itong COVID-19 health situation ng ating bansa.

Para ito ay mangyari, kailangan nating manatili sa bahay. Hindi lang po sarili natin ang nililigtas natin pag tayo ay nanatili sa bahay, pati din po ang ating pamilya, kabarkada at kapitbahay.

Tandaan, sa sakripisyong ito maraming buhay ang maliligtas. Sa bahay na lang muna tayo ngayon.

Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa or sa facebook page ng DOH.

#BeatCovid19 #COVID19PH #BahayMunaBuhayMuna

Kahit hindi tayo healthcare worker, meron tayong magagawa para makatulong na tumigil ang pag-spread ng COVID-19. Wag na po nating pataasin ang dami ng COVID-19 positive patients sa bansa.

Ito po ang mga dapat nating gawin:
  1. tumigil sa bahay
  2. keep your distance, 1 metro dapat -- mala-mala mula braso hanggang daliri
  3. ugaliing maghugas ng kamay palagi at wag hawakan ang inyong bibig, ilong, tenga at mata.
Hindi po madaling gawin pero, pag sama-sama tayo, kaya natin ito.

Shout out sa lahat ng ating mga frontliners – mga health workers, security guards, employees sa grocery, delivery guys, etc. Huwag natin sayangin ang sakripisyo nila.

Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa or sa facebook page ng DOH.

#BeatCovid19 #COVID19PH #BahayMunaBuhayMuna

People best know Mang Inasal to be the home of the leading branded grilled chicken, but did you know that apart from its best-selling Chicken Inasal, they also have other flavorsome items in their menu at value-for-money prices?

For one, Mang Inasal has recently launched its Merienda Sarap Savers to cater to customers who want filling yet affordable meals best to enjoy during snack time.

Comprising the Mang Inasal Merienda Sarap Savers menu are the Palabok which sells at P59, Pinoy Halo-Halo at P55, Lumpiang Togue at P49, and Molo Soup at P45 -- all of which are ala carte.

These food items also go well as add-ons to other Mang Inasal Paborito Meals like the best-selling Chicken Inasal, Spicy Paa, Pecho, Pork Sisig and Bangus Sisig.

For the convenience of Metro Manila customers, they may place their orders at #7-3333 or through GrabFood or Foodpanda.

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