GCash, the country’s leading and most preferred mobile money wallet, and GCredit, it’s built-in, always reliable revolving fund, is giving back this holiday season!
“This is our way of thanking our GCash subscribers for using GCredit, especially to our new GCash and GCredit users,” said Geena Alindato, Product Designer for Lending, FUSE. “All they have to do is choose GCredit as their payment option when doing Pay QR purchases or when paying bills. GCash and GCredit are here for you to make your holiday spending and payment more secure and hassle-free.”
This Christmas season, GCredit can be used to help you purchase groceries, handle last minute grocery runs, pay bills, dine out, and even buy that special holiday gift for your loved ones.

The interest cashback promo runs from the 1st of December 2018 up to the 24th of December 2018. As GCash’s way of giving back to the users and community this Christmas, the promo will be accessible and open to all GCredit users. In order to qualify for the promotion and be eligible for cashback, all GCredit transactions must be made during the said promo period. This lets you have a little extra cash just in time for your holiday needs and preparations without worrying about interest charges as this will be given back once paid in full and on time. Users must utilize GCredit for either Pay QR or Pay Bills transactions within the specified period.

You can pay for your GCredit via the GCash App or through physical stores. Succeeding GCredit Pay QR & Bills Payment are also eligible as long as it is within the first billing cycle. Your cashback will be credited to your GCash account within seven working days following the end of your billing cycle.

The 100% Cashback on Your Interest promo can also coincide with other discounts (Senior, PWD, etc) and promotions.

If you still don’t have GCash, simply download the app from Google Play and the App Store. Enter the vital information and then you’re all set to use and enjoy the cashless life. GCredit now enables you to be prepared for your Christmas needs - providing you with a hassle-free way to do your transactions and now with a 100% cashback on your interest!

So what are you waiting for? It’s not too late to join! Go and download the GCash App now! Apply for GCredit today!

GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) President and General Manager Ronald Mascari
ñas was recently lauded as one of the Outstanding Leaders in Asia at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) held at the Fairmont Singapore last October 11, proving that he is anything but chicken in his leadership.

Cited as an individual who exhibits the ideal blend of business acumen, professionalism, entrepreneurial caliber and astuteness, Mascariñas was instrumental to the continued success of one of the largest poultry integrator companies in the country.

Under Mascariñas’ leadership, BAVI rose to be one of the top poultry integrators, and has set itself apart from the industry by being the first and only poultry integrator to offer No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) chicken. BAVI is presently the country’s largest rotisserie chicken chain, with more than 1,200 rotisserie stores nationwide.

BAVI was initially established as a poultry integrator company operating in Cebu and Davao, Philippines, carrying the Bounty Fresh brand. Incorporated in 1997, BAVI is presently ranked 207th among the top 1,000 corporations in the Philippines.

In 2002 the company embarked on a program to modernize operational capability and market expansion, led by Mascariñas. The President helped link together hundreds of broiler contract farms, dozens of hatcheries, feed mills, poultry processing plants and processed meats plants, with the end goal of establishing a highly efficient supply chain in poultry integration. The venture was an unmitigated success, and consistently earned Triple A ratings from the National Meat Inspection Service for cleanliness.

The implementation of the Asian Free Trade Agreement, however, led to an open market, which led to cheaper imports. Faced with thin margins and fierce competition, BAVI faced a dire threat to its existence. In the light of this challenge, Mascariñas made a bold move to diversify operations. BAVI launched its own retail operation, and developed a complementing range of cooked chicken and dressed chicken products. In 2009, the company launched its oven roasted chicken business under the trade name “Chooks-to-Go”, completing the integration cycle of poultry operations, from the farm to the dinner table.

Mascariñas, attributed his bold business strategy to the trinity of Vision, People and Training. “I have always believed in the importance of a good reputation founded on ethical and fair business relationships; and the paramount importance of competent and trustworthy people in the organization working as a team. What connects the two is good management. A good leader teaches, guides, and even handholds, if needed. A good leader does everything to ensure that people who work with them are encouraged, and taught the value of discipline.”

Mascariñas’win is one of 11 awards won by the Philippines at the fifth Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards.

As today’s banking consumers shift to digital, RCBC wants Filipinos to make wise and careful choices in their transactions. While going online makes everyday activities easier and convenient, it also exposes accounts to risks which is why it is always important to take precautions to protect one’s personal information.

To remind everyone to be proactive in securing their bank accounts, the Yuchengco-led bank introduces a team of safety-savvy individuals, The Unstealables, to show the importance of keeping financial data secure both online and offline. With this unique trio, RCBC highlights the responsibility it shares with clients in keeping the integrity of their accounts by giving simple tips and smart practices.

Tasked with helping RCBC in educating Filipinos to be responsible and informed banking customers, The Unstealables includes:

Brad the traditional banker
Accessing financial services online might be the answer for some millennials these days but for Brad, nothing beats going to the bank’s branch for a personal transaction. Like Brad, you can keep your data protected and track your money by constantly keeping bank transaction slips as proof of your activity. You should also be vigilant and avoid communicating with tellers outside the bank as they may only be phishing for account information. Remember that RCBC will never ask for your password, PIN security, and address over the phone or online.

Mo, the digital-savvy millennial

Mo is a tech-smart individual but as much as he likes to use his smartphone or laptop for transactions, he values branch-level security even when banking on-the-go. Like Mo, you should go online to check your account activity to track any unauthorized transactions. You can easily view your statement of account when you visit www.rcbconlinebanking.com and enroll your account. You should also be wary in sharing any financial achievements, such as posting a selfie with your newly approved credit card, to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Olivia, the avid online shopper

With the holidays fast-approaching, avid shoppers like Olivia are excited to go on a shopping spree with their debit or credit cards. When shopping online, she makes it a habit to check the online store’s URL to know whether it is trustworthy or not. If the URL is “https” and not “http”, then you are safe from scams and even computer viruses. When inputting your bank details to checkout, RCBC also gives you added security by sending a One-Time-Pin to your messages for every online transaction to ensure that you are the one making the purchase.

Together with The Unstealables, RCBC assures its banking clients that they are secured by constantly giving news and updates on their safety measures. The commercial bank believes that every Filipino has the right to reliable, accessible, and affordable financial products and services and will continue to safeguard the trust that consumers have placed on them.

Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI), operator of the country’s largest rotisserie chicken chain, has been recognized as the Most Innovative Company of the Year during the Asia CEO Awards 2018, held recently at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City.

As the grand winner in the category, BAVI was cited for its efforts in innovating both the quality and variety in the way its chicken products are roasted and presented to the Filipino market.

In 2017, BAVI became the country’s first and only poultry integrator to introduce an all-natural, antibiotics-free chicken through its pioneering No Antibiotics Ever system. This eliminates the use of any antibiotics throughout the entire poultry production to ensure chickens are naturally healthy and safer to eat.

It was also through innovation that BAVI was able to expand its customer base, becoming the dominant market leader in the roasted chicken industry with more than 1,200 rotisserie stores nationwide.

In 2009, BAVI ventured into the food retail industry through its Chooks-to-Go oven-roasted chicken. With the brand promise of litson manok na ‘masarap kahit walang sauce’, the company introduced a new way to enjoy cooked chicken without the traditional sauce or gravy.

BAVI also introduced Uling Roasters Litson Manok, a fresh take on traditional charcoal-roasted chicken in 2013. This was followed by the launch of Reyal Litson Manok which boasts of unique butterfly-cut chickens and flavorful sweet-spicy sauces.

“We are honored with this prestigious recognition especially since innovation has always been at the heart of BAVI operations ever since we started as a poultry integrator company in Cebu and Davao. Like in most markets, our leadership in the local poultry industry relies mostly on how we innovate our manufacturing and operations systems and how we present our products to consumers. More importantly, innovation has been our way of ensuring that more Filipinos will enjoy our quality, healthy and affordable chicken products,” said Ronald Mascariñas, BAVI president and general manager.

The Asia CEO Awards is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, representing the grandest alliance of local and international business people ever created to promote the Philippines and recognize business achievers on the world stage.
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