#BenefitLovesSay | VIP Session and Eyebrow Workshop with Say Tioco

Last August 2016, a Meet and Greet with the sought after YouTube Makeup Guru, Say Tioco, plus an Eyebrow Workshop tutorial with Benefit Ph's National Brow Artist , Celina Fernandez, was held at the Benefit Trinoma branch.

I was one of the lucky girls who were picked randomly to attend this event, together with one of my close friend, Louie :).

I was very excited to attend the event, since I'm a long time follower of Say, way back 2012, and it was also the first time that I've attended a beauty workshop. Seeing the store for the first time I was actually impressed with the interior design of the store. It was well lit and the color scheme was welcoming and warm.

Say was the host for the event and she was very lively and bubbly while hosting it. She was very "game" in answering the participants' questions and even gave tips about vlogging and creating video content for aspiring YouTube creators.

Celina on the other hand, was very impressive when she showcased her skills in eyebrow transformation. Luckily, my close friend Louie was chosen as the model for the magical brow makeover. I was stunned when I saw the astonishing outcome of the makeover. Louie was simply more beautiful than ever, and that was just the eyebrow. You will really see here the impact of having ON FLEEK eyebrows :)

And of course, no event would be complete without some snacks, games and lootbags! :)

All in all it was a fun-filled day! :)

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