10 Tricks to Steal from Hotel Bathrooms

How we wish our home bathrooms could be as luxurious as the ones in the hotels. Be it a big bathroom or a small one, everything feels so luxurious. Great design, perfect layout, and special personal touches yet practical, all these can make you feel pampered. So if you are looking for great ideas for your new bathroom or for renovating existing bathrooms, hotel bathrooms are the right places.

But if you seldom stay in hotels, there is still the interior designers to turn to. Your friends or contacts can recommend you to the best interior designers Los Angeles to design you a stylish, yet comfortable bathroom.

1.       Most hotel bathrooms use tiles. Tiling your bathroom and shower area need not necessary be expensive. There are good quality cheaper alternative tiles to choose from.

2.       Most hotel bathrooms havesquare white tile walls. You can never go wrong withwhite tile walls which allow gold fixtures or black shining countertop to stand out.White tile walls with brass fittings and black veiny marble countertops is another great idea taken from some hotel bathrooms.

3.       Bathroom having white walls with big, bold mirrors and copper faucet is another outstanding design.Black and white colour schemes will make your simple bathroom look sleek and chic. The veiny marble walls and countertop or the wood flooring surface are great ideas too.

4.       Another trendy design is a black and white tile wall combination. Choosing a simple sink design and a funky mirror to get a glamorous look.

5.       If you have limited space, a clear glass shower door will make your small bathroom appear larger just like those hotel bathrooms. For more ideas on how to create a larger looking bathroom, you can refer to the Beverly Hills interior design firm which is known for their great designs.

6.       Fitting the proper and sufficient lighting is necessary to make your bathroom bright and stylish. Bright lighting will make your bathroom appear much spacious and the mirror will give a clearer reflection.

7.       If the bathroom is spacious, you can use a stool to hold the towels to add a homely feel. If space is limited, a brass holder on the wall will be a good idea to save space.

8.       Adding a shelf below the countertop for towels is another perfectfor limited space.

9.       Placing an indoor plant in a cute pot on the countertop will add life to a simple and neat bathroom.

10.   A small tray to hold your toiletries, jewelry, etc. on one corner of the countertop will be perfect to keep the top clean and tidy.

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