You vs. Vermin: 5 Tips to Getting Rid of Them for Good

Whether it's insects or rodents, vermin in or around your property is a big problem. It's unsanitary, unsightly, and, if left unattended, makes for an unhappy bank account. Check out these tips for getting rid of vermin for good.

1. Clean Regularly

If you already have mice or other vermin in your home, cleaning won't get rid of the ones who have taken up residency, but it will prevent new ones from setting up shop. Clean every nook and cranny to ensure there are no food sources. Clean out and organize cabinets. Take food waste directly to the outside trash cans instead of leaving it in the kitchen at night. Even the smallest crumbs can attract rodents and insects.

2. Remove Points of Entry

Take a long walk around the inside and outside of your property and look for places where insects, mice, rats, or other rodents can enter your home or building. Consider even the smallest holes. Even squirrels can squeeze through an inch-wide gap. Don't forget to check your ventilation systems for signs of pests. Close off any points of entry that you find.

3. Set Up Traps

It is important to note that traps are not a replacement for hiring a commercial exterminator, but they can curb some of the problem until you can call and schedule an appointment with a professional. Remember that mice, rats, and even some insects are a lot smarter than they seem, and there are usually more of them than you expect. Set up several different types of traps in various places throughout the property for the best results.

4. Clean the Outside of Your Property

Vermin aren't just attracted to yummy treats inside. If the outside of your property is a mess, it will be easier for pests to make it inside. Clear debris away from the building, clean out any sheds or other outbuildings on the property, and avoid letting weeds, leaves, or even dead grass sit around for too long. A gravel "moat" around the building also makes it harder for burrowing rodents to find their way inside.

5. Call a Professional

Without the proper pest control methods, a small problem can quickly turn into a larger, costlier one. Whether you need pest control for roaches, mice, or another pest altogether, an exterminator is the best course of action. Pest management companies have the tools, knowledge, and experience to formulate a plan and see it through to remove insects and rodents and ensure they are less likely to return.

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