What Are the Steps For One To Apply For an EIN?

An employer identification number is required if your business has employees. It is also useful in other business situations as a way to identify your business separately from you, the owner. Getting an employer identification number is not a difficult process, but it can take time. You need to take a few steps to do it.

Step One: Determine Eligibility

The first step to apply for an EIN is to make sure you need one and qualify to get one. The main requirements are that you are legally able to get such tax items in the United States. This means you have a valid taxpayer identification number of your own. This is usually going to be your Social Security number, but it may also be other numbers that you use to file your personal taxes. In addition, your business has to be located in the U.S.

Step Two: Complete an Application

You can complete an application directly with the IRS or through a service. It is usually easier to use a service because the process is typically simplified and made much easier than the IRS process. For example, most services allow you to fill out the application at your convenience, but the IRS requires it be done within a specific time limit or you have to begin the application all over.

Step Three: Confirm Submission

After you file for your EIN, you need to print a copy of the paperwork for your records. You also need to ensure it has been submitted properly. You should get a confirmation that your paperwork has been filed.

Get Help

While it is fairly easy to get your employer identification number, the IRS has a way of making even the simplest processes a little more complex than they need to be. That is why IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service offers help. You can file for your number with them, and they will handle all the work of dealing directly with the IRS. This makes it simple for you because all you do is fill out an easy form. Find out more here.

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