BDJ Launch Weekend | Dare To Be You

Last October 21-22, 2017, BDJ launched their Belle De Jour Power Planner 2018 with the theme: Dare To Be You, held at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing Activity Center.  

I was one of the lucky bellas who got a FREE BDJ Planner 2018 as a prize from their raffle for answering a survey about the planner, and along with it is a pass for this event. 

I've always looked forward to attending BDJ's Fair/Launch event ever since I attended it for the first time, because I'll be able to finally get my hands on their new planner and meet the other bellas. Aside from the planner, I also love how inspiring the talks were, how I was enlightened about new stuff through the workshops, and how much fun I had with the booths, etc. that they have prepared. However, this year, I wasn't able to experience all of it because of lack of time. :(

Good thing, I still managed to roam around the event even just for a while. Here in this post, I'll be sharing with you a glimpse of what transpired during the event.

Coupon, (minus the Potato Corner's fries coupon)

Festival Feather Headband

After getting my Id pass (they got my name wrong :( Rose Mary...), coupons for the booths, festival feather headband (One of my fave freebie, thanks Flawless!), and my much awaited BDJ 2018 planner (that came with a face towel c/o Wacoal, and some discount coupons) at their Registration Area, I went straight ahead to Potato Corner's booth (Don't judge me, I just LOVE their fries! I mean, who doesn't? Right? Hehe). 

A taste of heaven in a cup! ;)

They also have booths that served cotton candies, yogurts (Pascual Creamy Delight), and refreshments (Wilkin's Delight).

Cotton Candy

Apart from the snacks, they also prepared activities like the DIY Feather Bookmark booth, Photo booth, and Mendhi Tattoo booth.

DIY Feather Bookmark Booth

DIY bookmark paraphernalias ;)

Finished product/work of art ;)

Magnetic Photo Souvenir

The draft


Almost done...

Finishing touches

My time at the event was short but fun. I really liked their mini festival motif, as well as the design used in each booth. I just wish that in the next event there is an option to buy additional event passes alone, so that other supportive-bella-loved ones (boyfriends, husbands, friends, families, etc.) can experience the event without purchasing the planner (costs P500.00, a good deal if you're planning to buy the planner but quite pricey if you just want to go to the event). Don't get me wrong on this, I LOVE the BDJ planner (got my 5th BDJ planner this 2018 :D), however not all of us uses it, especially the guys. 

Nonetheless, the BDJ team did an amazing job in putting the event together! And I still am looking forward to the next launch. :) 

This has been your Bella Correspondent, 
Maia :) 

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