From time to time I receive a lot of notifications from a beauty group I'm in, and from there, I saw these babies and got them for a very cheap price! You see, I'm always on a hunt for bargain. So before I buy, I make sure to look at its price in different stores/sellers, and get which has the most reasonable price for its quality.

I got a notification for beauty items being sold in TMUR (The MakeUp Revolution), and saw these. I got in touch with its seller, Ms. April Cheng, the owner of Keyzi Online Shop, and ordered. The transaction was smooth as I received it only after 4 (working) days. 

11/18/2016 (Friday) - ordered & paid
11/19/2016 (Saturday) - shipped 
11/21/2016 (Monday) - out for delivery (I was supposed to receive it already but the courier got a bit lost)
11//23/2016 - order received

*Kudos to Ms. April for being always responsive to my queries and follow-ups :)

*Hair Velcro (2 packs): P 20.00
  Brushegg: P 50.00
  Shipping Fee: P40.00

  Total: P 110.00

*1 pack contains 2 hair velcros

When worn/in use:


It looks like half of an egg, hence the name "brushegg". Its name "brushegg" is neatly embossed on the back of its body. It has small rounded silicone knobs on top and silicone ribs on most of its parts. The small knobs are ideal for cleaning small brushes (eyeshadow brush, etc.). While the ribbed part is for bigger brushes. However, I find it too small for cleaning bigger brushes (powder brush, blush brush, etc.)

How to use: Put two fingers in the brushegg's hole. Drizzle it with water (as well as the brush). Put some cleansing solution (brush soap/shampoo) on the wet brush. Move the brush in circular motion (or up and down) on the brushegg. Wash the brush and brushegg with water.

*Repeat the process if more cleansing is required.

Verdict: It's compact, easy to clean and use, affordable, and effective (despite having a small space/area for cleaning big brushes).

Rating: 4 out of 5

Hair Velcro:

It's a hair pad made out of velcro-like material designed to keep your hair out of your face. It holds your hair in place in lieu of a regular hair clip. It is used to part fringes or small/thin strands of hair that falls on your forehead/face. You can use it when washing your face, and applying face masks and makeup. You can also use this to tame unruly and frizzy hair strands when styling.

How to use: Comb it gently on the position you want your hair to fall on to.

Verdict: It's lightweight, versatile and gentle on the hair. It won’t cause abrasions to your scalp or add unnecessary weight to your hair like what conventional hair pins, clips, and headbands do. It can hold up your fringe without messing up your hairstyle.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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