Sharing our DIY Pre-birthday Photoshoot for Fritziebear's 2nd birthday.

Model: Fritziebear
Photographer/Stylist/Post-Processing: Ohohmaia (me)
Location: Rainforest Park in Pasig (PHL)

Special thanks to the very supportive Papabear, we love you Daddy! :*

Recently, I updated my profile picture in my Blogger profile so that I could update the About Me picture on my blog. But sadly, the image was blurry. I tried using the image link on my Facebook account but it didn't work. 

Thus, I revisited the image link on my previous Blogger profile picture and compared it to the new one.

Old Profile Picture Link:

New Profile Picture Link:

I then noticed the code: s1600 in the old link and the code: s113 in the new. (I highlighted it above so you could easily see it.)

Being in the field of Computer Science (naks hehe) I used the Trial and Error method. I changed the code s113 to s1600 ... and tadaaah! IT WORKED!!!

Hope this helps!


My DIY birthday invite for my Fritziebear. <3 :)

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