Disclaimer: This review is solely based on my personal experience.

I have been using the Strip It Surgar (cold) wax for quite some time when I noticed a friend of mine's post of Facebook regarding with the wax that she's currently using. I got curious about it since she highly commends it. So I asked her what's the product she's using, then she showed me the Facebook page where she got it. 

Upon watching its tutorial video on how to use it, I was so amazed and it got me more intrigued about it. Because in the video, you don't need to use a spatula and a strip/cloth in removing the unwanted hairs. All you need to do is to get some of the cold wax onto your bare hands, knead it, spread it on the surface of your skin with the unwanted hairs, then pull. Easy, peasy right? So I said to myself that I'm going to buy that right after I finish my then cold wax. 

And so, the day came where I have to buy a new cold wax. I immediately went to Absolute Essential's instagram page and got myself an Aloe Vera Cold Wax. There were a lot to choose from actually. Like the Chocolate Cold Wax, Honey Cold Wax, Candy Wax, and Marshmallow Wax. I opted to choose the Aloe Vera one since I know for a fact that Aloe V. is good for the skin. 

It was sealed with a plastic.

Here's what its content looks like:

It's appearance is very much the same with my previous cold wax from Strip It but this one's much thicker and stickier in consistency. 

I was having a hard time using it on my own that's why I asked my husband to do it for me instead. At first, he too, had a hard time on using it. But after a few tries, he got the hang of it. 

On my first use, I noticed, felt rather, that this hurts more than the cold wax that needs the use of strips. Then after several times, it still hurts. :(

Nonetheless, it still does its job in removing unwanted hairs. However, sometimes I still need to pluck out some of the hairs that is left by it.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Will I repurchase? -No. I'm thinking of going back to Strip It Sugar wax.

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