Nowadays, sporting a matte lipstick is a trend. As a result, a lot of makeup brands have come up with their own versions or lines of matte lipsticks. 

I've been meaning to try a matte lipstick but I was skeptical about it 'coz of my dry and chapped lips. I'm worried that it would worsen what my lips looked like if I wore one. Then I came across with Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

I got the one in the shade of Standout #250.

The Color: Standout is a deep red berry with a slight brown undertone. Its color is as great as its consistency, and very pigmented too.This shade also makes your teeth appear whiter.

The Formula: Has a balm feel and a velvety finish.  It has a vibrant color infused with a Triple Butter Complex (of shea, mango, and coconut butter) that gives you a bold, moisturized, and beautiful lips. You would also notice the minty sensation when you apply it.It glides smoothly and sits comfortable on the lips; no drying out, unlike other matte lipsticks.

The Wear: Lasts for a good few hours. However, if you're eating or drinking, you might want to check on it if there's a need for re-applying. I liked the fact that it doesn't affect the taste of the food or drink that you're eating unlike other lipsticks. (transfers; doesn't bleed out around the lips but smudges a little)

The Packaging: Encased in a chubby little pencil form with a twist-up style (retractable) packaging. No need to sharpen it and because of its retractable feature, no product goes to waste.

The Verdict: I highly recommend this lip product line, especially for those who love to wear matte lippies and don't want to have chalky or dry looking lips. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms are priced at P575.00 each, and comes in 8 shades.

Rating: 4.5/5

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