Earlier this month, I was one of the lucky Bellas who received a BDJ Beauty Pack from Belle de Jour. I got this after completing a survey from BDJ. You can get one for yourself too just by following the mechanics found in this link: https://ilovebdj.com/bella-blogs/best-beautiful-bdj/ :)

The beauty pack contains goodies from Olay which are the Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream and Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash with Honey

I've been using these products for two weeks now, and here is my review about 'em.

OLAY Total Effects 7 In 1 Day Cream 

What it promises: 

1. Reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. 
2. Balances and evens out skin tone. 
3. Reduces appearance of age spots. 
4. Smoothes and evens out skin texture. 
5. Provides nourishing moisturisation. 
6. Gives skin a healthy radiance.
7. Minimizes the appearance of pores. 

Product information:

Since my bare face self is camera shy, I've used my hand in showing you how this product  works its wonder.

As you can see, after applying the Olay Total Effects Day Cream my skin feels smoother, turns lighter, covering the dark spots in my hand and making it less visible. You can also notice that there's a glow in the skin. And would you believe that you will achieve this results right after your first application? Amazing! ^^,

Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash with Honey 

What it promises:

1. Olay Deep Moisture body wash gives you deep moisture that outlasts your day. 
2. Its breakthrough Moisture Outlast formula penetrates the skin's surface layer by layer to infuse your skin with long-lasting moisture
3. Even in dry climate, you can get bouncy, smooth, tender, and beautiful skin. 
4. Skin's condition improves after just one use. 

Product information: 

I'm fond in using body wash, especially if it has micro exfoliating scrubs/beads. However, this one doesn't have it. (Still glad that this one's included in the Olay set that BDJ gave, tho :)

I tried to use a pea-sized amount for this demo, but failed to do so because of its consistency. I love how its gentle honey scent smells. It somewhat gives me the all-day girly freshness feels. 

The product also doesn't have that foamy effect once you applied it on your skin. Probably because of its moisturisation effect. 

After one wash, my skin became smoother and softer. My skin also felt very moisturized that you won't even have to apply lotion after. Perfect for everyday use! :)

Big thanks to BDJ and Olay Philippines for giving these out!  

#OlayBella #TotalEffects #MoistureThatLasts

Some months ago, my husband and I bought a Canyon Cove Promo deal from an online site for our 1st Wedding Anniversary on June 2. However, when we booked our reservation, we found out that the date we want is not available. We even tried our best to bargain with the person in charge, but their answer is still no *sigh*. So, we decided to just use it on my husband's birthday on July 3.  

Getting there:

We took an MRT ride from Shaw - Taft station (P20.00 each), then went on the left side of the station (the one with Chowking and Dunkin' Donuts). From there we rode a bus (BSC bus line) going to Nasugbu, Batangas (P155.00 each). 

Bus groufie!
The bus ride was very long, it took us about 4 hours just to get to our destination. Good thing that the bus didn't have a strong air freshener scent or else... it would be the end of me! >.< (Chos!) Moreover, this trip made me realize an important thing about myself. My LOVE for PUGO (quail eggs)!!! HAHA. 

Tip: Make sure that you're seated on the left side of the bus on your way to Nasugbu to get a closer glimpse of Taal Volcano. :) 

View of Taal Volcano from our ride.
We also saw Residence Inn's mini zoo along the way.

Residence Inn
After the long ride, we were dropped off in the town proper of Nasugbu (I think, not really sure. Sorry!), then rode a tricycle to the resort (P100.00). The driver was really nice, he didn't even complain when we asked him to stop by at a store in the middle of our ride to buy water. He even gave us his number for him to pick us up the next day in case we can't find a ride on our way back to town, and told us to only pay P100.00 if ever we get a different tricycle ride.

At the resort:

Upon arriving at the resort, we first went to the guard house for a quick inspection of what we brought. Unfortunately, the cake that we brought (and handled very carefully all the way from Manila to Nasugbu) was not allowed inside the resort and the guards politely insisted to have the cake be kept at the guard's house. Good thing they have a refrigerator there so the cake is safe from melting away. :)

After a tiring walk from the guard's house to the main entrance of the resort. Here we are! #HaggardoVersoza

Our little cutie pie
Then another inspection from the guards at the main entrance, and this time they've opened our bags to check if brought anything that is prohibited inside the resort. 

Papabear and babybear
There were a few people checking in on the time that we've arrived. My husband managed to be accommodated in a short while. However, he was asked for a fine print of the MetroDeal voucher but we don't have it (bummer!). I was already panicking and nagging to my husband on why on Earth would he ever not bring a fine print copy of the voucher?! It was such a relief to know that they have a computer room beside the reception lobby wherein we can log in to our MetroDeal account and have them print it. :)

Computer Room
Busy bear ;)
They even have a BDO ATM inside the resort. Talk about convenience!

Now, here's a quick tour of the resort. 

The Lobby
For your wifi connection needs, just go to their lobby. It's free! :) No wifi connection in your room though. :(  
I love their pool! It's big and the water's warm. It feels so relaxing and it makes you wanna swim more. They also have babies/toddlers' pool (around 2-3 ft. I guess), and a kiddie pool.

Mini playground

Beach Area

Here's what our room looks like:

Our beds
We've got 2 beds in our room. One king-sized bed which is soooo comfy, and another bed (don't know the size, sarreh) near the window which lets you see the grandeur view of the beach while inside your room.

We've also got a flat screen tv, and under it is a mini-refrigerator (empty) with 2 mugs, 2 bottled waters, 2 coffee sachets (3-in-1), and an electric kettle. There's a vanity mirror on its side too.

And of course, a sliding door going through the room's balcony.

View from our room
View from our room
Inside the room's closet were hangers, an iron and and an iron board. Very convenient if I may say. 

Moreover, I was fascinated by the "red thingy" beside the AC's dial. Out of my curiosity, I pulled it out. And it turns out that the "red thingy" was a flashlight haha.

The Bathroom
  • bathtub
  • rounded-vanity mirror
  • blower
  • no bathroom mat (inconvenient and unsafe especially if you have kids with you)
  • few towels (2 big towels and 1 small one; unlike in other hotels)
  • dental kit is upon request (unlike in other hotels wherein it is already included upon checking in)
  • incomplete set of bath essentials (kindly refer to the images below)
credits to: kikaymommysha.wordpress.com

After unpacking our things in the hotel room, we decided to just roam around the resort and eat our dinner after (since we got there a bit late and we're already hungry). Sadly, we can not consume the cake inside the resort nor in their restaurant. So we opt to have our dinner out. Luckily, we were able to use the resort's shuttle service and was driven to Kainan sa Dalampasigan at the town proper. (I'll be posting our dining experience there in a separate blog since this post is lengthy already.)

We were all exhausted from the long trip, that's why after eating dinner and getting back in the resort, we all fell asleep right away. 

The next morning, we woke up early. Like really early, around 3 am. Since most of the resort's facilities were still closed. We just walked around the beach and hung out at the playground. 

We ate our breakfast at the resort's in-house restaurant, which is Max's. The food there were a bit pricey and not all of the items in their menu (in regular Max's branches) are available. 

Triple Chocolate Champorado
Of all the food that we ordered, this one's my favorite. I mean I'm not into eating Champorado (chocolate rice porridge) but this one is so Chocolatey. You won't regret in ordering a bowl. (It's worth it!) :)

Spring Chicken (Half)
I'm really not fond of their Spring Chicken because I find it dry and lacks taste, but what am I gonna do? It's the birthday boy's request. The part that I enjoyed eating with this meal is the sweet potato fries on its side, hehe. :)

Cheesy Corned Beef Omelet
I like cheese and corned beef but I think these two doesn't go well. Tastes average.

We were also served two glasses of pink lemonade (at the end of our meal -_-), and you can also make a cup of coffee to your liking. 

And now, for the fun part of our trip. Swimming time! ^^,

Fritziebear enjoying the pool.

This was Fritzie's first time at the beach, she was so scared at first, and you could tell by the looks on her face hehe.

Little scaredy-cat ;)

Team Chestnut
We enjoyed our time at the beach. Standing in the waters and waiting for the waves, then jumping high with all our might, so that the waves won't catch us haha. Since both my hubby and I are not that of a good swimmer (especially me haha) we prefer to swim in their pool rather than the waters at the beach. 

After our "swim" we got back in our room to take showers and to pack up our things. But before we did all of that, we just laid our lazy butts on the bed. 

We've also ordered room service for a quick snack before we hit the road. Here's what we got:

sweet potato fries + clubhouse sandwich + spaghetti and hotdogs
Too bad that their clubhouse sandwich there didn't have potato chips on its side, and the hotdogs were meh (if you don't have something nice to say, just say meh, haha). Btw, they don't sell the Sparkling White Grape juice, we just snuck it in, sshhh...

Random photos 

Checking out: 

To our surprise, the line that was not present during our check-in suddenly appeared. We waited a couple of minutes before it was our turn at the counter, and another more minutes because they had to verify and double check our room if everything is still in place. 

While waiting we then discovered that there was a balcony inside, with a piano sitting in the middle of it. (see picture with the star above) 

And finally, the staff called and told us that we're good to go. T'was now time for us to get going and fortunately til' the end we were still lucky enough to hitch a ride in the hotel coaster though it was just until the main gate.

Indeed this trip was really an enjoyable one. The resort was not perfect but it still offered great variety of leisure activities. We would definitely go back here with more time given the chance, and hope that you do too! :D

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Far East Road, Piloto Wawa, Nasugbu, Batangas. Philippines

Phone Number: +632.908.1111

Makati Central Reservations Office:

840 2290 / 840 2327 / 840 2204 / 840 2446
840 2365 / 817 8076 / 840 2363 / 840 2406
Fax no.: 817 5473

For Corporate Bookings You May Contact:

Email: salesadmin@g2globalinc.com
Direct Line: (02) 892-9827 loc. 257

Website: http://www.canyoncove.com.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canyoncoveinvestments
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cove_Resort
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