Being in the night shift at work, my mornings are somewhat tiresome and sometimes stressful. But not on this particular day.
Because my husband happens to be infused with sweetness... :3 
Usually, he always asks me if we will be meeting halfway (he works in Eastwood and I work at UPA-Technohub) or he will fetch me at work. But today he initiated that he will come at my workplace and fetch me. He even put a cheesy post on my Facebook Wall...

Mama (his endearment for me) wait for me and I'll fetch you there! <3 don't move from your seat haha i love you! :*

It didn't take long before he arrives and I was a little bit surprised because it usually takes him one and a half hour to be able to get here. After our chit chats (mostly about discussing on where we would eat, haha) while walking, we decided to eat at CocoHut
We ordered Tapa Ala Pobre.
Their Tapa was tasty and the egg was cooked rare (malasado). Their rice with garlic on top was okay except for its oil which is way too much.
We also ordered their Kani Cake (P140.00). It's a four pieces breaded deep fried chunks of kani (crab meat), jalapeño, cheddar and mozarella cheese, served with chili sauce (sweet chili sauce actually).  
I really like it because it has generous chunks of kani inside and it goes very well with the cheeses, and the jalapeño just gave it a right kick of spice. 
Lastly, we also ordered a serving of Monggo (Lentils) priced at P55.00. Which is a bit pricey because for its costs, you only get like a small bowl of it (really small). To the fact that monggo isn't that expensive in the market. 
This time around they served it in a small-sized paper bowl, before they were serving it with a small glass bowl. I also liked there Monggo soup because it's so tasty than any other Monggo soups that I've tried in my whole existence (meganun?! haha), and to my disappointment, the one that they served us was little bit darker than what they usually have and the taste is nothing compared to the very first ones that I've ordered before. I don't know if they got it burnt or if they have a new cook, but it's taste was definitely unpleasant. 
After eating breakfast and feeling full, I suggested to my husband that we grab a Yakult from a nearby convenience store (Family Mart). But to our dismay, they only have one left. So I've let my husband have it and decided to have this Koyuki Choco Mint soft candy instead.
It reminded me of the Choco Mint flavoured hot choco that we have in my previous workplace. However, the taste of the mint here is more powerful. It even tasted like I was only chewing on Mentos, not really a bad thing because it keeps your breath fresh. 
CocoHut Fried Chicken and Fish
Second Floor, UP Ayala Technohub, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
For Deliveries: 333-3131

Coco Hut Fried Chicken and Fish Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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