I've recently won a product from Tony Moly in their Facebook page promo (Yay!). And finally today I have come to their store in Eastwood to claim it.

After getting it, my husband and I roamed around Eastwood City Walk to find a place to eat at. And then we stumbled on to Big D's Smokehouse. It caught our attention because of their Lunch Specials Promo (Monday - Friday; 11am - 5pm) which only costs P170.00 with drinks (iced tea) included! Ain't that a good deal or what? :D

There wasn't a crowd at that time, we went in there at around 2:00 pm. We were seated right away and we're able to place our orders instantly, which I super duper like since I'm not a fan of waiting. ;)

My husband's ready-to-dig-in pose...

Our couple-fie! (oink!)

We ordered a serving of Onion Rings that costs P90.00 as our appetizer. (Best paired with: Spicy Mexican Dip)

It didn't take long before our main orders have arrived. We both ordered the Seasoned and Flamed Grilled Porkchop. *YUMMERSSSS!* :P

I really loved the food especially the grilled porkchop. It was juicy and tender, plus its creamy gravy with mushrooms is something to die for! (Exaggerate much! Hehe) I also liked its side, the lettuce + onion rings drizzled with spicy mexican dip. I've even requested to have an additional spicy mexican dip for our appetizer (I <3 spicy foods). The only thing that does not sim to fit into the puzzle is the rice I think it would have been better if it came with plain rice. That would have let the steak spurt out all of it's flavor even more. Anyhow, If you are starving and want to eat something full and tasty, this will surely satisfy your hunger.

Our verdict: 4 out of 5

Lunch Specials Choices:
  • Seasoned and Flamed Grilled Porkchop 
  • Deep Fried Chicken Breast Fillet 

Big D's Smokehouse is a South-American inspired restaurant specializing is Southern style classic BBQ pork ribs. 

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